Select Groups


마지막으로 수정된 항목: 2012-09-25

응답 그룹 queues hold calls to response groups until an agent answers the call. Queues have assigned agent groups. When you create or edit a queue, you use the Select Groups dialog box to select one or more agent groups to be assigned to the queue.

The following list describes the controls and fields in the Select Groups dialog box.

  • Search box   Searches for name of an agent group. Enter all or part of the name. Leave the search box empty to display all the agent groups for your organization.

  • Name   Displays the names of the returned agent groups.

  • Participation policy   Displays the participation policy defined for the agent group: formal or informal.

  • Routing method   Displays the type of routing defined for the agent group.

For details about working with queues, see 응답 그룹 큐 관리 in the Operations documentation.