Response Groups Workflow


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Response groups consist of agent groups, queues, and workflows. 응답 그룹 workflows define the actions that are taken when the 응답 그룹 응용 프로그램 receives a phone call.

The Response GroupsWorkflow page displays a list of all the 응답 그룹 workflows that are defined for your organization.

You can perform the following tasks from the Response GroupsWorkflow page:

  • Create or change a hunt group workflow

  • Create or change an interactive workflow

The following list describes the commands on the page.

  • Create or edit a workflow   Opens the 응답 그룹 구성 도구 for creating or editing a workflow.

  • Refresh   Refreshes the list of workflows.

The following list describes the fields on the page.

  • Name   The unique name that is assigned to the workflow.

  • Service   The ApplicationServer service that hosts the workflow.

  • SIP address   The SIP address of the group that will answer calls to the workflow.

  • Telephone   The phone number that is called to reach this response group.

  • Language   The language that is used for speech recognition and text-to-speech.

  • IVR   Indicates whether the workflow is a hunt group or an interactive workflow.

  • Enabled   Indicates whether the workflow is activated to receive calls.

For details about 응답 그룹 features and capabilities, see 비즈니스용 Skype 서버 2015의 응답 그룹 응용 프로그램 계획 in the Planning documentation. For details about working with 응답 그룹 workflows, see 응답 그룹 워크플로 관리 in the Operations documentation.