Users: View Persistent Chat


마지막으로 수정된 항목: 2012-10-16

Members of the CsPersistentChatAdministrator role (영구 채팅 Administrators) can grant chat room manager rights and permissions to other users and to themselves.

A 영구 채팅 Administrator can do the following:

  • Create room categories and chat rooms.

  • Set the membership of all categories and chat rooms.

  • Manage all settings of all categories and chat rooms.

  • Enable or disable policy for 영구 채팅 서버.

  • Set and manage configuration settings on a 영구 채팅 서버 풀.

For details, see Lync Server 2013에서 영구 채팅 관리자 추가 in the Deployment documentation.

You can perform the following tasks on the Users: View Persistent Chat page:

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