AV MCU Settings Expander


마지막으로 수정된 항목: 2012-09-22

To edit the properties for an A/V Conferencing Server pool that you have already defined, do the following:

To update the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the A/V Conferencing Server pool, type in the name of the pool as it is defined in the Domain Name System (DNS). You must have a DNS host (A) record that corresponds with the A/V Conferencing Server pool name.

To associate an A/V Conferencing Server pool, select the Front End pool or pools that you have to associate with the A/V Conferencing Server pool.

If no Front End pools are displayed in the Select the Front End pools to associate with this A/V Conferencing pool pane, you have either collocated the A/V Conferencing Server with the Front End pool, or did not select to add Conferencing in the Features and functionality section of the Front End pool properties.

When finished, click OK to complete the editing of the A/V Conferencing Server pool settings. Click Cancel to discard any changes.