ReplicationServer.InstallDistributor 메서드 (String, DistributionDatabase)

Installs a Distributor on the currently connected instance of Microsoft SQL Server.

네임스페이스:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication
어셈블리:  Microsoft.SqlServer.Rmo(Microsoft.SqlServer.Rmo.dll)

public void InstallDistributor(
	string password,
	DistributionDatabase distributionDB

매개 변수

유형: System.String
Is the password of the distributor_admin login used to access the Distributor. Security Note   When possible, prompt users to enter security credentials at run time. If you must store credentials, use the cryptographic services provided by the Windows .NET Framework.
유형: Microsoft.SqlServer.Replication.DistributionDatabase
A DistributionDatabase object representing the distribution database used by the Distributor.


When distribution is already installed on the server.


When distributionDB is null, or when password exceeds 128 bytes or contains null characters.

You must specify a strong password for password when the Distributor has remote Publishers. If password is set to null, a random password is generated, and you must call ChangeDistributorPassword to reset the password when the first remote Publisher is registered at the Distributor.

This method overload must be called at the Distributor before calling InstallDistributor from a remote server.

The InstallDistributor method can only be called by a member of the sysadmin fixed server role.

The InstallDistributor method is equivalent to the sp_adddistributor(Transact-SQL) stored procedure.

			// Set the server and database names
			string distributionDbName = "distribution";
			string publisherName = publisherInstance;
			string publicationDbName = "AdventureWorks2012";

			DistributionDatabase distributionDb;
			ReplicationServer distributor;
			DistributionPublisher publisher;
			ReplicationDatabase publicationDb;

			// Create a connection to the server using Windows Authentication.
			ServerConnection conn = new ServerConnection(publisherName);

				// Connect to the server acting as the Distributor 
				// and local Publisher.

				// Define the distribution database at the Distributor,
				// but do not create it now.
				distributionDb = new DistributionDatabase(distributionDbName, conn);
				distributionDb.MaxDistributionRetention = 96;
				distributionDb.HistoryRetention = 120;

				// Set the Distributor properties and install the Distributor.
				// This also creates the specified distribution database.
				distributor = new ReplicationServer(conn);
				distributor.InstallDistributor((string)null, distributionDb);

				// Set the Publisher properties and install the Publisher.
				publisher = new DistributionPublisher(publisherName, conn);
				publisher.DistributionDatabase = distributionDb.Name;
				publisher.WorkingDirectory = @"\\" + publisherName + @"\repldata";
				publisher.PublisherSecurity.WindowsAuthentication = true;

				// Enable AdventureWorks2012 as a publication database.
				publicationDb = new ReplicationDatabase(publicationDbName, conn);

				publicationDb.EnabledTransPublishing = true;
				publicationDb.EnabledMergePublishing = true;
			catch (Exception ex)
				// Implement appropriate error handling here.
				throw new ApplicationException("An error occured when installing distribution and publishing.", ex);