Patch or update a SQL Server in an AlwaysOn Availability Group in Skype for Business Server 2015

Skype for Business Server 2015

마지막으로 수정된 항목: 2016-03-28

Summary: Find out about the necessary additional steps after you patch or upgrade a 백 엔드 서버 that is part of a AlwaysOn 가용성 그룹 in 비즈니스용 Skype 서버.

After patching a 백 엔드 서버 that is part of an AlwaysOn 가용성 그룹, you must republish the topology.

  1. Perform the patch on the server.

  2. Make sure that in 토폴로지 작성기, the FQDN of the listener for the AlwaysOn 가용성 그룹 is set as the FQDN for the group.

    • Open 토폴로지 작성기, select Download topology from existing deployment, and click OK.

    • Expand Skype for Business Server, expand your topology, and expand SQL Server Stores. Right-click the SQL store of the new AlwaysOn 가용성 그룹, and click Edit Properties.

    • At the bottom of the page, in the SQL Server FQDN box, change the value to the FQDN of the Listener of the AlwaysOn 가용성 그룹.

  3. Publish the topology. From the Action menu click Topology and then Publish. Then in the confirmation page click Next.