Modify meeting configuration settings in Skype for Business Server 2015

Skype for Business Server 2015

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Summary: Learn how to modify meeting configuration settings in 비즈니스용 Skype 서버 2015.

You can modify meeting configuration settings by using 비즈니스용 Skype 서버 제어판 or by using 비즈니스용 Skype 서버 관리 쉘.

  1. CsUserAdministrator 역할 또는 CsAdministrator 역할에 할당된 사용자 계정에서 내부 배포된 컴퓨터에 로그온합니다.

  2. Open 비즈니스용 Skype 서버 제어판.

  3. In the left navigation bar, click Conferencing, and then click Meeting Configuration.

  4. In the list of meeting configurations, click the configuration that you want to change, click Edit, and then click Show details.

  5. In Edit Meeting Configuration, modify any of the configuration settings, except for the configuration name, which cannot be modified.

  6. Click Commit.

To modify meeting configuration settings, use the Set-CsMeetingConfiguration cmdlet.

The command shown in the following example modifies the meeting configuration settings assigned to the Redmond site (-Identity site:Redmond). In this case, the value of the DesignateAsPresenter property is set to Everyone:

Set-CsMeetingConfiguration -Identity "site:Redmond" -DesignateAsPresenter "Everyone"

For more information, including a complete list of parameters, see Set-CsMeetingConfiguration.