Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10


Gets information about how Backup creates the initial backup copy, which can be either over the network, or by using a disk you send to an Azure data center.


Parameter Set: Default
Get-OBInitialBackupCreationMethod [-Policy] <CBPolicy> [ <CommonParameters>]

자세한 설명

The Get-OBInitialBackupCreationMethod cmdlet gets information about the method that you use for initial backup creation. You can create the initial backup automatically, through the network, or offline, by shipping the disk to an Azure data center by using the Azure Import/Export service.

매개 변수


Specifies an online backup policy object that is associated with the server.



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입력 형식은 cmdlet으로 파이프할 수 있는 개체의 형식입니다.

  • OBPolicy

    Specifies the online backup policy object which is associated with the server.


출력 형식은 cmdlet 실행 시 출력되는 개체의 형식입니다.

  • IBMethod

Example 1: Provide offline backup information

This command provides information about the initial backup method, when it is using an offline backup. The $Policy01 variable contains the server policy that you can retrieve using Get-OBPolicy. The backup information includes the staging location at which to create the initial backup copy, the name of the import job that notifies the Import/Export service that you are shipping hard drives to a data center, the Azure management certificate thumbprint, and the Azure Subscription ID, Storage account, and Storage container that the import job uses.

PS C:\> Get-OBInitialBackupCreationMethod -Policy $Policy01

IBMethod                      : OfflineBackup
StagingLocationPath           : D:\SalesData
AzureImportJobName            : BackupJob01
AzureManagementCertThumbprint : 0A1F4F43DC5E3780C60E27B8FF516902F1692B43
AzureSubscriptionId           : a53949b2-82fd-4d4d-853a-509b6e6e07ca
AzureStorageAccountName       : BackupFinanceAccount
AzureStorageContainerName     : SalesStorage

Example 2: Provide initial backup creation details

This command provides information about the initial backup creation method when it is done automatically through the network.

PS C:\> Get-OBInitialBackupCreationMethod -Policy $Policy01

IBMethod                      : Network                        

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