Skype for Business Server 2015

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The Export-CcRootCertificate cmdlet exports the root CA certificate to a local file on the Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition host server.

Export-CcRootCertificate [[-Path] <string>]

The following example sets the Path parameter as a directory path--not a file path. It generates the file c:\test\CCERootCertificates.p7b.

Export-CcRootCertificate -Path "C:\test" 

The Export-CcRootCertificate cmdlet allows you to save the root and intermediate certificates to a file path. This can be useful in case of a disaster recovery scenario.


Parameter Required Type Description




File path where the certificate will be stored.

None. The Export-CcRootCertificate cmdlet does not accept pipelined input.