Skype for Business Server 2015

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The Uninstall-CcAppliance cmdlet uninstalls the running Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition appliance from the host server.

Uninstall-CcAppliance [-Version <string>] [-Force] [-Confirm <bool>] [<CommonParameters>]

The following example drains and uninstalls the UNRESOLVED_TOKEN_VAL(CloudConnector_shortest) appliance from the host server:


The next example drains and forcibly uninstalls the running UNRESOLVED_TOKEN_VAL(CloudConnector_shortest) appliance on the host server even if the drain process failed:

Uninstall-CcAppliance -Force

The next example uninstalls a UNRESOLVED_TOKEN_VAL(CloudConnector_shortest) backup version without the user’s confirmation:

Uninstall-CcAppliance -Version 1.3.8 -Confirm:$false

If you are uninstalling the current running version of UNRESOLVED_TOKEN_VAL(CloudConnector_shortest)r, drain services are first run on the Mediation Server and Edge Server to let concurrent calls finish before uninstalling the virtual machines. If you are uninstalling a backup version, draining is not performed.


Parameter Required Type Description




 The version of UNRESOLVED_TOKEN_VAL(CloudConnector_shortest) that will be uninstalled from the host server. If not specified, uninstall the current running version.




If uninstalling the current running version, attempt to drain servers on Mediation Server and Edge Server before uninstalling the virtual machines. If you specify the "Force" switch, even if the drain services fail, the virtual machines will be uninstalled. This parameter is only used to uninstall the current running version.




Ask user’s confirmation to uninstall the virtual machines. Default value is TRUE.

None. The Uninstall-CcAppliance cmdlet does not accept pipelined input.