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Skype for Business Server 2015

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Summary: Learn about the Update Item operation, which is part of the Item Service. The Item Service is part of the Repository API for Call Quality Dashboard. Call Quality Dashboard is a tool for 비즈니스용 Skype 서버 2015.

The Update Item operation is part of the Item Service in the Repository API for Call Quality Dashboard.

Update Item updates a specific item in the repository.



Request URI

HTTP Version




URI Parameters - None.

Request Headers -Content-Type: application/json.

Request Body - JSON.

Sample request payload:

  content : "{ 'Product' : 'New Product Name'",
  type: "application/json"

content JSON formatted data to be stored as the new content of an existing sub-Item. Technically, a repository can store any content of any schema, but when used for Call Quality Dashboard, it should be either a report or a query. type Always specify "application/json" for Call Quality Dashboard.

Response - The response includes an HTTP status code and a set of response headers.

Status Code - A successful operation returns status code 204 (No Content). If a specified item ID is not found, it returns status code 404 (Not Found).

"No Content" is not an error status. It means that a response did not return anything in the body (in contrast, 200 OK returns content in Body). It indicates that the Item was successfully updated.

Response Headers - None.

Response Body - None.