Skype Room Systems v2 requirements

Skype for Business Server 2015

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This article summarizes the requirements for supporting a UNRESOLVED_TOKEN_VAL(SkypeRoomSystemv2).

Your deployment will involve account creation as described in Deploy Skype Room Systems v2 and setting up a meeting console as described in Configure a Skype Room Systems v2 console. You may also need to refer to Skype for Business add-on licensing .

UNRESOLVED_TOKEN_VAL(SkypeRoomSystemv2) can scale to different room sizes through accessories depending on audio and video peripherals. Audio and video peripherals connect to UNRESOLVED_TOKEN_VAL(SkypeRoomSystemv2) via a USB or HDMI connection on the docking device. You will also need:

  • An 8GB or larger USB disk you will configure as bootable Windows installation media for Windows 10 Enterprise.

  • A Surface Pro 4 tablet with i5 processor

  • Logitech SmartDock to secure the Surface Pro 4 tablet and anchor to the meeting room table.

  • Certified USB audio and video peripherals appropriate to your room size (the manufacturer information will help you decide which to order). Choose from among the following:


    UNRESOLVED_TOKEN_VAL(SkypeRoomSystemv2) peripherals

    Firmware version certified for UNRESOLVED_TOKEN_VAL(SkypeRoomSystemv2)

    Logitech ConferenceCam Connect


    Logitech Group


    Logitech 930e


    Logitech PTZ Pro


    Polycom RealPresence Trio

    Polycom EagleEye MSR


    Polycom CX5100

    Sennheiser SP 220 MS

    Sennheiser SP20


    Jabra 510


    Jabra 810


  • USB extenders: Crestron, Icron and C2G TruLink USB 2.0 Super Booster USB extenders are recommended for conference room use with UNRESOLVED_TOKEN_VAL(SkypeRoomSystemv2). The extender must use a speed appropriate for the peripherals it will support.

  • 1Gb Wired Ethernet connection in the room. Ethernet cable of appropriate length.

  • 1080p display with an HDMI connection. HDMI cable of appropriate length.

UNRESOLVED_TOKEN_VAL(SkypeRoomSystemv2) does not use a keyboard. If needed, the Admin should use the on-screen keyboard. A USB keyboard or mouse will be required when imaging the UNRESOLVED_TOKEN_VAL(SkypeRoomSystemv2) device.

The following table provides recommendations for peripherals based on room size:


Room TypeNumber of PeopleRecommended maximum distance from microphone to person speakingDevice by maximum room sizeComments


2 – 4


Logitech Connect

The Logitech Connect devices includes a camera so it must be positioned at the front of the room (not center of table) to capture local meeting attendees.


4 - 6


Jabra 510

Sennheiser SP20

Playback volume may be limited for larger rooms.


6 - 12


Jabra 810


12 - 16


This distance also applies to the area covered by each additional satellite microphone connected to the audio device in question.

Logitech Group

Polycom Trio

Polycom CX5100

Sennheiser SP 220 MS

All audio devices listed in this row support satellite microphone options.

CX5100 includes a built-in 360 degree camera so that the device can be positioned in the center of table.

SP 220 MS must be used in daisy-chain configuration.

You will need the following downloads to build your own UNRESOLVED_TOKEN_VAL(SkypeRoomSystemv2) image:

Windows 10 Enterprise Creators Update (build 1703) is not supported for UNRESOLVED_TOKEN_VAL(SkypeRoomSystemv2) image creation.

These downloads need to be combined into a bootable Windows installation media disk in a specific way, described further in Configure a Skype Room Systems v2 console.

In addition, you will probably want a copy of the Powershell script used to provision UNRESOLVED_TOKEN_VAL(SkypeRoomSystemv2) accounts.