ExecutionInfo2 클래스

Describes the state of the current report execution.


네임스페이스:  ReportExecution2005
어셈블리:  ReportExecution2005(ReportExecution2005.dll)

public class ExecutionInfo2 : ExecutionInfo

ExecutionInfo2 유형에서 다음 멤버를 표시합니다.

공용 메서드ExecutionInfo2Initializes a new instance of the ExecutionInfo2 class.
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공용 속성AllowQueryExecutionIndicates whether the user is allowed to provide values for parameters used in the query. (ExecutionInfo에서 상속됨)
공용 속성AutoRefreshIntervalRepresents the rate, in seconds, at which a report page rendered as HTML automatically refreshes. Read-only. (ExecutionInfo에서 상속됨)
공용 속성CredentialsRequiredIndicates whether the report requires credentials. (ExecutionInfo에서 상속됨)
공용 속성DataSourcePromptsGets or sets the prompt strings for each data source associated with a report. (ExecutionInfo에서 상속됨)
공용 속성ExecutionDateTimeGets or sets the date and time that the snapshot associated with the execution was created. (ExecutionInfo에서 상속됨)
공용 속성ExecutionIDGets or sets a string that uniquely identifies the current execution. (ExecutionInfo에서 상속됨)
공용 속성ExpirationDateTimeGets or sets the date and time that the execution expires. (ExecutionInfo에서 상속됨)
공용 속성HasDocumentMapIndicates whether the report has a document map. (ExecutionInfo에서 상속됨)
공용 속성HasSnapshotIndicates whether data has been retrieved and processed for the report. (ExecutionInfo에서 상속됨)
공용 속성HistoryIDGets or sets a string containing the history ID if the report is from a report history snapshot. (ExecutionInfo에서 상속됨)
공용 속성NeedsProcessingIndicates whether the snapshot associated with the execution needs to be created or reprocessed. (ExecutionInfo에서 상속됨)
공용 속성NumPagesGets or sets the number of logical pages, including soft page breaks, in the report. (ExecutionInfo에서 상속됨)
공용 속성PageCountModeGets a value the indicates how the report will be processed.
공용 속성ParametersContains the current parameter information for the execution. (ExecutionInfo에서 상속됨)
공용 속성ParametersRequiredIndicates whether the report requires parameter values to be supplied. (ExecutionInfo에서 상속됨)
공용 속성ReportPageSettingsRepresents the report page settings for the current execution. (ExecutionInfo에서 상속됨)
공용 속성ReportPathGets or sets the full path to the report on the server. (ExecutionInfo에서 상속됨)
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This is returned by several methods, including GetExecutionInfo2, LoadReportDefinition2 and SetExecutionParameters2.

An ExecutionInfo2 object is used to determine what settings were or will be used to run a report. It is also used to determine if parameters and credentials are required to run a report, and to supply those parameters and credentials if necessary before calling the Render2 method.

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