ReportParameter.PromptUser 속성

Indicates whether the user is prompted for the value of the parameter.

네임스페이스:  ReportExecution2005
어셈블리:  ReportExecution2005(ReportExecution2005.dll)

public bool PromptUser { get; set; }

속성 값

유형: System.Boolean
A Boolean value.

Report parameters that contain a value of false for the PromptUser property cannot be submitted as input arguments to the Render method and cannot be used in URL access. If you submit a value for the parameter in this case an error is returned.

The value for the PromptUser property can be omitted. To omit this property, set the PromptUserSpecified property to false. If you set a value for the PromptUser property, you must also set the PromptUserSpecified property to true.

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