ReportingService2006.GetReportHistoryOptions 메서드

Returns the report history snapshot option and properties that are generated for a report.

네임스페이스:  ReportService2006
어셈블리:  ReportService2006(ReportService2006.dll)

public bool GetReportHistoryOptions(
	string Report,
	out bool KeepExecutionSnapshots,
	out ScheduleDefinitionOrReference Item

매개 변수

유형: System.String
The full path name of the report.
유형: System.Boolean%
[out] A Boolean expression indicating whether report execution snapshots are collected for report history. The default value is false.
유형: ReportService2006.ScheduleDefinitionOrReference%
[out] A ScheduleDefinitionOrReference object that represents a ScheduleDefinition object, a ScheduleReference object, or a NoSchedule object.

반환 값

유형: System.Boolean
true if report history is collected for the report; otherwise, false.

The table below shows header and permissions information on this operation.

SOAP Headers

(In) TrustedUserHeaderValue

(Out) ServerInfoHeaderValue

Required Permissions