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Cloud Computing Solution Accelerators

IT is continually challenged to create greater value at lower prices. Cloud computing is the new, more efficient compute model that empowers IT to accomplish greater results at lower costs, raising ROI and creating new business value. As your organization moves to the cloud, let Microsoft Solution Accelerators help provide you with cost-effective, agile IT services.

Plan your migration to the Microsoft Azure platform

  • Simplify your move to the cloud: Identify and analyze web application and database readiness for migration to the Microsoft Azure platform using the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit 9.8.

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  • The MAP 6.0 Beta Microsoft Azure migration portfolio analysis simplifies the process by providing the ability to quantify and label applications and services in your organization's IT environment for Microsoft Azure migration consideration.

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Plan your migration to Hyper-V Cloud with Fast Track

  • Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track onboarding, new to the MAP 6.0 Beta, provides consolidation guidance and validated configurations with preconfigured Hyper-V Fast Track infrastructures, helping you accelerate private cloud planning.

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Achieve efficient service management of the cloud

  • Define service health considerations and achieve a reliable and effectively monitored and maintained dynamic datacenter with the MOF Technical Service Reliability Guide and Reliability Workbook for the Dynamic Datacenter.

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  • Develop and maintain the relationships necessary for effective cloud-based services using the MOF Best Practices for Service Vendor Management Guide.

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Plan your cloud infrastructure

  • Plan a strategic infrastructure designed for ease of manageability with the Infrastructure Planning and Design (IPD) Guide for the Dynamic Datacenter.

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Cloud Computing Solution Accelerators

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Cloud Computing Solution Accelerators

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Cloud Computing Solution Accelerators