Deploying MOM 2005 Reporting

This chapter describes how to deploy Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 Reporting, an optional component of MOM 2005, to create a MOM Reporting Server. A MOM Reporting Server includes the MOM Reporting Database and a scheduled task. This scheduled task transfers data periodically from the MOM database to the MOM Reporting database before that data is groomed from the MOM database. The MOM Reporting Database then contains long-term MOM data that you can use for reporting purposes.

You use the MOM Reporting console to run and view MOM reports that are based on data in the MOM Reporting database. The MOM Reporting console runs within SQL Server Reporting Services. Predefined MOM Reports are provided as a part of Management Packs.

MOM 2005 supports only a single MOM Reporting database connected to a single MOM database for a management group. There also is no support for connecting multiple MOM Reporting databases to a single MOM database.

In This Chapter

Before You Begin

Before deploying MOM Reporting, review the key concepts of Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 and your deployment design and planning documents. Areas to review include:

  • The MOM 2005 release notes.

  • The Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 Security Guide.