Windows Desktop

The modified Windows desktop enhances the look and functionality of the information displayed on the screen, including dialog boxes, wizards, windows, and the Start menu, to make Windows 2000 easier to use. In Windows 2000, the standard default options that display on the desktop have been redesigned to reduce clutter on the screen and make it easier for users to find the items that they require. For example, items that users do not require, such as online services and My Computer, are no longer displayed automatically on the desktop.

You can use several Group Policy settings to assist in managing the configuration of the desktop. For example, you can use Group Policy to remove the Run command from the Start menu. When this policy is in use, users cannot access the Run command. By using another Group Policy setting, you can also modify the default setting for the Start menu so that options for applications that are not installed on the user's computer appear dimmed. When the user selects the dimmed option, the application installs automatically.

For more information about Group Policy settings that affect the desktop, see "Group Policy" in this book. For more information about the enhancements to the Windows desktop, see the Windows ®  2000 Professional Resource Kit .