Deployment Walkthrough

Welcome to the deployment walkthrough for the Microsoft Solution for Windows-based Hosting for Applications version 1.5 . This documentation walks you through the deployment of each of the key server types referenced in the overall solution architecture. The architecture described in this walkthrough is designed to be deployed into a lab or test environment so that you can become familiar with the various components of the solution architecture. Many of the topics and procedures can be used when performing a production environment deployment; however, such a deployment requires planning in areas not covered in this walkthrough, including security, scalability, and fault tolerance.

Want More Information About the Solution?

Review Solution Overview for an orientation to the following:

  • How this component fits into the larger solution

  • Specific service provider scenarios in which to use this component

  • How to best use the solution documentation

Want to Talk With Experts About the Solution?

Windows Hosting Forums is a community Web site that provides a valuable resource for answers to your technical hosting issues, including issues involving centralized management. You can post questions at the site that draw responses from such knowledgeable sources as system integrators, Microsoft technical support staff, and other service providers.