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Part 4 - Preparation for Deployment

Chapter 13: What's New in the IEAK?

This chapter provides an overview of new and enhanced administrative features in the Microsoft® Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK), as well as some important features that were introduced in the IEAK 5.5. You can learn about new customization and setup options and use this information to help you evaluate the IEAK before you begin building your custom browser packages.

Chapter 14: Understanding Customization and Administration

You can customize Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6 in many ways to accommodate the different preferences and needs of your organization and its users. To help you get started, this chapter describes the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) and how you can use it to customize and administer Internet Explorer installations.

Specifically, this chapter focuses on the ways that the following Resource Kit audiences can use the IEAK:

  • Corporate administrators 

  • Internet service providers (ISPs) 

  • Internet content providers (ICPs) 

  • Independent software vendors (ISVs) and Internet developers 

Chapter 15: Planning the Deployment

To install Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Tools successfully, you must first plan your deployment processes and strategies. By understanding how to plan and automate your browser installation, you can reduce the cost of migration and ensure a smooth transition to Internet Explorer. This chapter describes how to plan your deployment.

Chapter 16: Preparing for the IEAK

Before you run the Microsoft® Internet Explorer Customization Wizard to customize Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, you should take some time to gather the custom files and information that you will need and to set up your computers. You must also accept the license agreement. This advance preparation will help you use the Customization Wizard more effectively.

Chapter 17: Working with .inf Files

In addition to using the Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) 6, batch files, command-line switches, and third-party applications to customize setup, you can create customized setup solutions by using setup information (.inf) files. The .inf files allow you to use the built-in Windows setup engine to automate setup tasks such as creating files and folders and providing uninstall functionality for the software components that you install as part of your custom browser packages. This chapter describes .inf files and discusses the ways you can use these text files to customize your installations of components.

Chapter 18: Setting Up Servers

As you customize Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and prepare for your browser rollout, you should also prepare any servers that you will need to support the deployment. This chapter describes how to configure your servers to support browser features, set up automatic search and roaming user capabilities, and prepare for Internet sign-up using the Internet Connection Wizard.

Chapter 19: Setting Up and Administering a Pilot Program

Before you deploy Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 to your users, set up and administer a pilot program. Begin by testing the installation of Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Tools in a lab, and then conduct the pilot program to refine your deployment configurations and strategies using a limited number of pilot participants. This process will help you validate your deployment plan and ensure your readiness for full-scale deployment. This chapter describes how to set up a computer lab to test your deployment process and outlines the steps for conducting a successful pilot program.

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