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Appendix A: What's on the Resource Kit CD-ROM?

The Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 Resource Kit, which is distributed on a CD-ROM, contains comprehensive technical information, software tools, and sample files for deploying and supporting Internet Explorer 5. You can browse the contents of the CD-ROM, copy files, or install software. This appendix provides a complete list of the CD-ROM contents.

Appendix B: Troubleshooting

This appendix provides detailed information for troubleshooting Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, including an effective troubleshooting strategy and a description of the most commonly reported problems. For easy troubleshooting, problems are categorized into several broad areas.

Appendix C: Batch-Mode File Syntax and Command-Line Switches

This appendix describes how you use batch files and command-line switches to customize setup, and command-line parameters to start Internet Explorer with specific settings.

Appendix D: Checklists for Preparing to Use the IEAK

When preparing to use the Microsoft Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK), you may find checklists helpful. This chapter contains checklists for the files you will need to prepare and information you will need to gather before using the IEAK.

Appendix E: Setting System Policies and Restrictions

This appendix describes how you can use system policies and restrictions to control user and computer access to Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 features and functions. Using the Internet Explorer Customization wizard or IEAK Profile Manager, you can predefine Internet Explorer options and customize the Internet Explorer environment for different groups of users.

Appendix F: Country/Region and Language Codes

If you are an Internet service provider, you may find this list of country/region and language codes to be helpful.

Appendix G: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 File Types

This appendix provides an overview of the common types of files that are used as part of Microsoft Windows Update Setup for Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Tools. Learning about the purposes of these files and how they work together can make it easier to troubleshoot potential setup issues.

Appendix H: Structural Definition of .inf Files

Although the IEAK wizard, Internet Explorer batch files, and third-party programs can customize the setup program, you can also use setup information (.inf) files to develop a customized setup solution. This appendix describes the sections of an .inf file and provides a sample.

Appendix I: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 Resource Directory

This appendix contains lists of product resources and Web sites. These lists provide sources for additional information about Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and its components, and information about related Microsoft products.

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