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Adding Hosts

A virtual machine host is a physical computer that hosts one or more virtual machines. You can use Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) to manage virtual machines on hosts in a trusted domain or on a perimeter network.

Before you begin installation for each VMM component, ensure that the prerequisite software is installed and that all computers meet the recommended hardware requirements. For the most up-to-date system requirements information, see System Requirements for Deploying Virtual Machine Manager 2007 at

In This Section

About Adding Hosts

Provides a brief overview of adding hosts on trusted domains and on perimeter networks.

How to Add Hosts in a Trusted Domain

Provides step-by-step instructions for adding a host on a trusted domain.

How to Add a Host on a Perimeter Network

Provides step-by-step instructions for adding a host on a perimeter network.

How to Search for Hosts

Provides step-by-step instructions for locating hosts on your network.

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