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Implementing Quarantine Services with Microsoft Virtual Private Network Planning Guide

Updated: June 30, 2005


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About This Solution Accelerator

This guide describes the challenges in planning and implementing quarantine services with VPN through the new features available in Microsoft Windows Server 2003 with Service Pack 1 (SP1).

VPN connections allow employees and partners to connect to a corporate local area network (LAN) over a public network in a secure manner.

VPN access that is potentially not secure occurs when the remote computer does not meet the organization's security requirements. Most VPN implementations cannot check that a remote computer has the latest security updates or virus signatures before they connect to the corporate network. Therefore, many organizations don't consider basic VPN-based remote access meets their security requirements.

VPN quarantine provides a mechanism to address these issues. VPN quarantine ensures that computers that connect to the network using VPN protocols are subject to pre-connection and post-connection checks and are isolated until the computer meets the required security policy. These checks, carried out with custom scripts, can examine service pack versions, security updates, and if an approved antivirus program is running with the most recent virus definition files. Organizations can test for other requirements in these custom scripts.

Included in the Download

The Implementing Quarantine Services with Microsoft Virtual Private Network Planning Guide includes the following component:

  • Implementing Quarantine Services with Microsoft Virtual Private Network Planning Guide.pdf

In More Detail

This guide consists of the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction

This chapter provides an executive summary, introduces the business challenges and benefits of deploying VPNs with quarantine service, suggests the recommended audience for the paper, lists the reader prerequisites, and provides an overview of the chapters and solution scenarios in this guide.

Chapter 2: Approaches to VPN Quarantine

This chapter outlines the approaches to VPN quarantine access. It also discusses the essential elements for the VPN access for telecommuter scenario solution.

Chapter 3: Issues and Requirements

This chapter introduces the Woodgrove National Bank scenario. It then defines the background, business issues, technical and security issues, and the solution requirements for the VPN quarantine scenarios for Woodgrove National Bank. This chapter also discusses the solution scenario for VPN access for telecommuters, examining the business, technical and security challenges of this scenario.

Chapter 4: Design the Solution

This chapter describes in detail how to plan the scenario solution for VPN access for telecommuters. It discusses the solution concept, prerequisites, solution architecture, and describes how the solution works. Finally, the chapter describes how to extend the solution.


In addition to a general discussion of using VPN with quarantine services, this guide provides prescriptive guidance for implementing a secure remote access solution that builds on the Woodgrove National Bank scenario introduced in this series. This scenario describes how to implement secure VPN access for telecommuters.

Microsoft created the Woodgrove National Bank scenario to illustrate the typical challenges that organizations face in providing VPN network quarantine services, and how Microsoft technologies can address these challenges. This scenario addresses how to:

  • Implement highly secure remote access for field sales personnel who are rarely in the office.
  • Provide business continuity following a major weather event so that employees can continue to be productive from home.
  • Provide flexible working conditions so that workers can choose to work from home.
  • Deliver timely software updates to remote computers.

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Click here to download the Implementing Quarantine Services with Microsoft Virtual Private Network Planning Guide from the Microsoft Download Center.  


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