Upgrade databases from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013

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Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoint Server 2013

Topic Last Modified: 2016-12-16

Summary:Find resources to help you perform the steps to upgrade databases from SharePoint 2010 Products to SharePoint 2013.

After you learn about the upgrade process, plan for your upgrade, and test your upgrade process by following the steps in the articles in Test and troubleshoot an upgrade to SharePoint 2013, you are ready to perform a database-attach upgrade to SharePoint 2013. Follow the steps in this section for both a trial upgrade and your actual upgrade for your production farm.

The following downloadable resources, articles on TechNet, video recordings, and related resources provide information about upgrading databases to SharePoint 2013.

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SharePoint 2013 Products Preview - Upgrade Process model

Describes the steps in the process for a database-attach upgrade

The following articles about how to upgrade databases are available to view online. Writers update articles on a continuing basis as new information becomes available and as users provide feedback.


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Checklist for database-attach upgrade (SharePoint 2013)

Use this checklist to make sure that you follow all necessary steps as you prepare for upgrade, perform the upgrade, and perform post-upgrade steps.

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Create the SharePoint 2013 farm for a database attach upgrade

Create and configure a SharePoint 2013 farm so that you can upgrade databases from SharePoint 2010 Products.

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Copy databases to the new farm for upgrade to SharePoint 2013

Copy SharePoint 2010 Products content and service databases to a SharePoint 2013 farm so that you can upgrade the data to SharePoint 2013.

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Upgrade service applications to SharePoint 2013

Upgrade service applications (Business Connectivity Services, Managed Metadata, Secure Store, User Profiles, Search) to SharePoint 2013.

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Upgrade content databases to SharePoint 2013

Learn how to upgrade content databases from SharePoint 2010 Products to SharePoint 2013.

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Verify database upgrades in SharePoint 2013

Verify that the upgrade for your databases has succeeded and that you are ready to begin to upgrade sites.

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Migrate from classic-mode to claims-based authentication in SharePoint 2013

Convert SharePoint 2010 Products or SharePoint 2013 classic-mode web applications to claims-based authentication or create new claims-based web applications in SharePoint 2013.

The following resources about upgrade to SharePoint 2013 are available from other subject matter experts.


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Upgrade and Migration Resource Center for SharePoint 2013 Products

Visit the Resource Center to find additional information about upgrades to SharePoint 2013.

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What’s New in SharePoint 2013 Products Resource Center

Visit the Resource Center to learn about what’s new in SharePoint 2013.