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How the Adapter Is Designed: The Adapter Framework

The Adapter is built on the BizTalk Server Adapter Framework. The Adapter Framework is a set of extensible APIs that enable developers to take advantage of relevant services of BizTalk Server when building adapters and connectors that integrate third-party applications.

Because the Adapter is built on the Adapter Framework, it uses the standardized configuration, management, and setup pattern similar to the adapters included in BizTalk Server 2006 such as SQL, FTP, HTTP, and SOAP. This makes it easier to manage all of your applications using the BizTalk Administration console.

The BizTalk Administration console is the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in provided mainly for administrators.

The following figure shows the adapter properties in BizTalk Explorer.


Figure 5: BizTalk Explorer

The following figure shows the BizTalk Administration console.


Figure 6: BizTalk Administration Console

The Adapter Framework also provides the Add Adapter Wizard, which you can use to communicate with application adapters (for example, SQL and SAP), and to generate XSD schemas. The next section describes how to generate XSD schemas.

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