Exchange Online Protection PowerShell


Remote PowerShell is the administrative interface that enables you to manage your Microsoft Exchange Online Protection settings from the command line. For example, you can use remote PowerShell to configure transport rules and connectors. The following topics provide information about using remote PowerShell:

To create a remote Shell session, see Connect to Exchange Online Protection using remote PowerShell.

For a list of cmdlets available for use in Exchange Online Protection, see Exchange Online Protection cmdlets.

For a sample script that lets admins who manage multiple tenants (companies) apply configuration settings to their tenants, see Sample script for applying EOP settings to multiple tenants.

The following introductory video shows you how to use remote PowerShell.

Note: This video is for both Exchange Online and Exchange Online Protection (EOP) customers. When connecting to your service, be careful to specify the correct connection address for the service you’re using (it’s different for Exchange Online and EOP).

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