Event management


Updated: November 1, 2016

Applies To: Dynamics Marketing


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is scheduled to be retired on May 15, 2018. After that date the service will no longer be available. Please plan accordingly. For details, see the blog post Microsoft Dynamics Marketing service will be discontinued, and learn what’s coming next.

Use events to manage and plan marketing activities that take place at a specific venue or location, such as trade shows, conferences, exhibits, meetings, briefings, and more. Events are the hub around which many of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing's other functions revolve; they are one of Dynamics Marketing's basic units of work. The following table summarizes the major event-management features available.



Detailed event information

Dynamics Marketing keeps track of all the events that you have in a consistent format in one central place. Dynamics Marketing uses event briefs, a best practices technique, to document and plan events.


You can attach notes to each event so that all your information is in one place.

Financial information

Dynamics Marketing tracks all financial information associated with an event so you can see the total cost of an event compared to its budget.


Keep track of important dates and times for events with a schedule.


Create a contact list for each event. All the contacts you need will be right at your fingertips.


Manage all the facilities needed for an event.


Keep track of staff and who needs to be where, when.


Track and manage all the equipment, brochures, and other materials you need to make your event happen.


You can use this to make sure that all associated jobs are linked right to each event.


See which tasks were performed, by whom, when, and what their results were. You can build and track all of the marketing activities associated with a product or service along with all the details of what went into executing the marketing plan for it.


Keep track of itineraries for everyone involved.


You can see which ads, mailing lists, and other media were used by whom and when. Dynamics Marketing builds detailed media plans and prepares media requisitions to make it easy to place media orders with vendors.


Track all shipments associated with events, equipment and materials.