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Updated: November 1, 2016

Applies To: Dynamics Marketing


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is scheduled to be retired on May 15, 2018. After that date the service will no longer be available. Please plan accordingly. For details, see the blog post Microsoft Dynamics Marketing service will be discontinued, and learn what’s coming next.

Media outlets are the vehicles you’d use to reach target markets. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing maintains a database of available media outlets: when you buy media, Dynamics Marketing creates a link back to the media database: you can see every media buy for each media outlet on screen with a couple of clicks. The media database stores information about all the media outlets you use, want to use, or have used. Examples of media outlets are: email list, insert program, outdoor, list, mailing list (rented) magazine, mobile, newspaper, web, radio, search engine, social media and TV. Dynamics Marketing stores media outlets in user definable “folders,” so you can organize media outlets in any way that makes sense.

  1. Go to Assets & Media > Media Planning > Media Outlets.

  2. Dynamics Marketing displays all the media outlets in the system.

  3. Choose the New button button.

    Dynamics Marketing prompts you to select a media type.

  4. Select the media type that you want to create.

  5. Choose Submit.

  6. Different media types may have different fields. Not all fields listed here are shown on for every media type. Enter the information as follows:




    Inactive items are no longer available for use.


    Displays the type of media outlet.


    Enter the code used to identify the media outlet.


    Enter the name of the media outlet. This field may be called Publication, List, Insert, Location, Program, Newspaper, Web Site, or Station depending upon the Media Type.


    Select the name of the Company that owns the media outlet.


    Select the frequency of the media outlet. For example, a magazine might be published weekly, monthly or bi-monthly.


    Enter the URL of the web site.

    User ID

    Enter the User ID used to access the media outlet's web site, if needed.


    Enter the password of the web site.


    Enter the quantity available. This field may be labeled Circulation, Ave. Monthly Traffic, Audience, Reach, etc.

    Order Lead Time

    Enter the ordering lead time.

    Cancellation Lead Time

    Enter the cancellation lead time.

    Time Zone

    Select the time zone that applies to the media outlet.


    Enter a description


    Select a demographic category.

    More information: Create custom drop-down values and folders


    Select a language category.

    More information: Create custom drop-down values and folders


    Select the file format used for materials.

    More information: Create custom drop-down values and folders

    Expense Account

    Select the default general ledger account to use when ordering this item.


    If the site has multiple organizations, the expense account is not displayed.

    More information: Chart of accounts

    Default Phone Number

    Select the default campaign phone number to use with this item.

    Billing Account

    Select the default general ledger account to use when billing (invoicing) a client for this item.


    If the site has multiple organizations, the Expense Account is not displayed.

    More information: Chart of accounts


    Select a folder.

    Comm.../Disc %

    Dynamics Marketing enables you to track gross or net costs.  Many media outlets quote prices in gross rates and then allow clients to deducted a standard 'agency' discount (in the US this discount is often 15%). If you want Dynamics Marketing to calculate net rates for you, enter a commission/discount percentage. When you enter rates enter the gross cost. Dynamics Marketing calculates the Net Cost using the following formula: Net Cost = Gross Cost x (1 – Commission Percentage). For example, if the gross cost is $100 and the media outlet offers a 15% discount, the Net Cost is $100 x (1 - 0.15) = $85. Enter the commission or discount that you receive from the media outlet.

    Default Discount

    Select the Default Discount for the media outlet.

    More information: Discounts and surcharges

    Default Surcharge

    Select the Default Surcharge for the media outlet.

    More information: Discounts and surcharges


    Choose the Availability button to display the days printed media are published. This section is only displayed for print media including Newspapers and Inserts.

Use the Advertisements tab to track all the ads for a media outlet in a convenient location.

  • Choose the Add button to add an existing advertisement.


  • To create a new advertisement for the media outlet, choose New button.

    More information: Manage advertisements

The Contacts tab displays all the contacts that are associated with the media outlet such as the Ad Sales Representative, the Traffic Contact, Accounts Payable Contact, etc. Enter the contact name of the 'default' vendor the media is ordered from. (optional)

Special Functions for the Contact Code

Media buyers may need to work with more than one sales representative at a single media outlet (for example, newspapers may have different sales reps for different sections; you may be buying for more  than one Client). When you create a media order, Dynamics Marketing will match attempt to match the company code with the contact code; if there is a unique match (1 contact has the code), Dynamics Marketing will use the contact that has the code to default the vendor contact.

Special Functions for the Contact Role

Dynamics Marketing uses the role to identify the vendor contact who you order from and the tear sheet contact (who you work with when you need tearsheets). Be sure to select the appropriate role for each contact.

Add an existing contact

  1. Choose Edit Options button.

  2. Type in the name of the contact. Dynamics Marketing displays all the matching contacts.

  3. Select the contact from the pull-down menu.

  4. Enter the company code.

Create a new contact

  1. Choose the New button button.

  2. Enter the contact's information.

  3. Choose Submit.

Dynamics Marketing lets you associate the markets that each media outlet reaches on the Market Segments tab. Media outlets are used to reach markets – sets of entities (people, families, businesses, etc.) that have a shared affinity. Media outlets can be associated with markets.

Add a market segment

  1. Type the name of the market segment into the Add Segment field.

    Dynamics Marketing displays matching items on a drop-down menu.

  2. Select the market segment you want to add.

    More information: Markets 

Dynamics Marketing lets you store 'standard' rates for the media you buy and sell. More information: Rate cards

The Specification tab lets you store specifications required by the media outlet for advertisements.

To enter specifications, enter the following information:

  • Materials Lead Time. Enter the lead time in days required by the media outlet for advertisements. . The entry is used to generate the Materials Due Date that is displayed on each line item on Media Orders and Media Traffic pages.

  • Materials Format. Enter the preferred file type required by the media outlet.

    More information: Create custom drop-down values and folders

  • Materials Specifications. Choose the button to open the Materials Specifications page and enter specifications.

  • # of Columns (Newspaper Media Only). To store the standard widths for different #'s of columns:

    1. Choose New button to add an entry to the # of Columns grid.

    2. Enter the information.

    3. Choose Save.

Use this tab to see the individual ads, spots, lists, insertions, and so on that you have ordered.

More information: View ad placements and media usage

Custom codes enable users to assign multiple codes to media outlets, one for each company that requires a unique code. The Custom Code tab is used to facilitate the integration of Dynamics Marketing with other media tracking, reconciliation, and verification systems. For example, an agency may refer to assign the code DVR to a TV channel while a client of the agency may use DISTV. The Custom Codes tab enables users to assign both codes to the same media outlet.

Enter a custom code

  1. Open the maintenance page for the media outlet you want to work with.

  2. Choose the New button button to add a custom code.

  3. Type the name of the company you want to add the custom code for. Select the company from the drop-down list.

  4. Enter the code.

  5. Choose Insert.

Media outlets support user defined fields. More information: Configure user defined fields

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing represents that data obtained through the Media service is sourced from third parties with whom you have separate agreements that enable the submission of this data. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing does not guarantee that the data is accurate or free from errors. As a condition of this service, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing has obtained consent from you to share certain contact information with the third-party providers.

Please note the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Services may include links to third-party services, like Facebook or Twitter, or Microsoft products or services, like Microsoft Dynamics 365, whose privacy practices may differ from the Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Services. Your use of such services, and any information you provide to a third party, is governed by their privacy statements. We encourage you to review these other privacy statements.