Media orders


Updated: November 1, 2016

Applies To: Dynamics Marketing


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is scheduled to be retired on May 15, 2018. After that date the service will no longer be available. Please plan accordingly. For details, see the blog post Microsoft Dynamics Marketing service will be discontinued, and learn what’s coming next.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing enables you to track media that you order from vendors. In Dynamics Marketing these are called media orders.

Media invoices contain different information than 'regular' invoices. Invoices cannot combine media and non-media items. More information: Manage purchase orders

Go to Assets & Media > Media Buying > Media Orders.

Dynamics Marketing displays all media orders.

  1. Choose the New media order button  New button.

    Dynamics Marketing opens the new media order page.

  2. Enter the information. More information: Create and manage media expenses

  1. Select the media orders you want to make into a Media Sales Order by marking their check boxes.

  2. Choose the Make Sales Order button Wizard button.

  1. Choose the Email button Email button.

    Dynamics Marketing displays the media order, ready to be sent via email.

  2. Choose Submit.

    Dynamics Marketing sends the media order and makes a copy of the order in Notes.

  1. Choose the Print button Print button.

    Dynamics Marketing displays the media order ready to print in a pop-up browser window.

  2. Choose the Print button Print button again.

    Dynamics Marketing opens a print window to enable you to select the printer you want to use, and other printing details. Dynamics Marketing also makes a copy of the order in Notes.

  1. Enter a word or phrase into the search bar.

  2. Choose Go or press enter on your keyboard.

    Dynamics Marketing searches for metrics that match the information you entered.

Choose any column heading to sort the list using in alphabetical order; choose it again to sort the list in reverse alphabetical order.

  1. Choose the Search/Filter button to toggle from Search (default) to Filter.

  2. Select the information you want to use as a filter from the Filter On pull-down menu.

    Dynamics Marketing displays the filter categories that are available.

  3. Choose the Value pull-down to choose the value that you want to filter on.

    Dynamics Marketing applies the filter and displays the information that matches.

  4. Select a date range, or enter a custom date range.

  5. Choose Go or press enter on your keyboard.

    Dynamics Marketing displays the results that match the filter criteria.

Choose Clear to remove the filter.

  1. Select the media order you want to copy by marking its check box Check box symbol.

    Dynamics Marketing prompts you to specify the contact the media order is for.

  2. Select a contact.

  3. Choose the Copy button Copy button.

  4. Choose OK.

Media orders can't be deleted but they can be voided. This ensures that once a media order is created there is a permanent record of that media order. When a media order is voided the prices of all items are set to zero and the status of the invoice is set to Void.

  1. Select the media order you want to delete by marking its check box Check box symbol.

  2. Choose the Delete button Delete button.

  3. Choose OK.

Financial and general ledger accounts are designed for marketing budget management only. Financial features are restricted to the limits stated in the Security and Financial Disclaimer. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is not designed to comply with country/region-specific laws, regulations, or common business practices.