Updated: November 1, 2016

Applies To: Dynamics Marketing


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is scheduled to be retired on May 15, 2018. After that date the service will no longer be available. Please plan accordingly. For details, see the blog post Microsoft Dynamics Marketing service will be discontinued, and learn what’s coming next.

The calendar displays your activities, tasks, jobs, and campaigns for the current week. When you put your cursor over a calendar item, you can view more information about that item. Beneath the navigation calendar, you can view any tasks that don't have start and end dates.


The calendar described here gives a personal, user-centered view of tasks, approvals, jobs, activities, campaigns, events and programs. For a company-wide view focusing on programs and campaigns and their related entities (also including tasks, jobs and activities), we recommend using the marketing-calendar feature. Much of the same information will be visible on both calendars, but the focus and drill-down paths are different. More information: Keep track of company-wide projects with the marketing calendar.

Choose Marketing Execution > Campaign Management > Calendar.

Click on the appropriate toggle button.

Click on the appropriate date in the date picker calendar.

Use the Company and Select pull-down menus to pick the specific information you want to be displayed on the calendar. You can also select specific types of items (tasks, approvals, jobs, activities) using the check boxes that are displayed on the calendar.

Click the New button New button next to the check boxes of tasks, approvals, jobs, or activities.