Register contacts for an event


Updated: November 1, 2016

Applies To: Dynamics Marketing


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is scheduled to be retired on May 15, 2018. After that date the service will no longer be available. Please plan accordingly. For details, see the blog post Microsoft Dynamics Marketing service will be discontinued, and learn what’s coming next.

Microsoft Dynamics Marketing's event registration functions enable users to register contacts to attend events. Features include:

  • Free or fee events

  • Multiple registration websites, each with its own look and feel

  • Wait listing

  • Automatic email confirmation

  • Single or multiple attendees per registration transaction

  • Group registration

Registration Setup

An event can have multiple registration options; for example an event could have:

  • Multiple sessions

  • A discount for early registration

  • Banquets

  • Optional events such as entertainment, field trips, etc.

  • Chargeable items such as proceedings CD-ROMs, printed materials, etc.

Each one of these items is a registration item. More information: How event registration works and Set up registration items for events


The Payments tab displays all the payments that have been processed for the registration. More information: Accounts receivable 

To register a contact for an event:

  1. On the Home tab, choose Marketing Execution.

  2. Under Event Management, choose Events.

  3. Find the event you want to use, and open its dashboard page.

  4. Click the Registration tab.

  5. Click the New button. New button.

  6. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing opens the Registration page.

  7. Enter the information.

  8. Click Submit.




    Select a status from the pull-down menu. (Optional.) Microsoft Dynamics Marketing will update the status.


    The Registrant is the contact who is registering for an event. A registrant can register more than one contact for an event.

    Invitation Code

    Invitation codes can be used to track the source of a registrant. An invitation code is not required. Invitation codes must be unique.


    Select the event from the pull-down menu. (Required.)


    Enter any additional information related to the registration. The memo will be printed on the registration. (Optional.)


    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing logs the date the registration was created.

    Registered by

    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing logs the user who created the registration.


    Select a tax rate from the pull-down menu if the registration is subject to tax (Optional.)


    Select a currency from the pull-down menu. (Required.)


    A single registration can include multiple items; the items can be associated with more than one attendee. To enter an item:

    • Click the New button New button

      Microsoft Dynamics Marketing displays a new item.

    • Enter the information.

    • Click Submit.

    Wait List

    If the item allows wait listing and the item is at capacity, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing will enable you to wait list an attendee. To change an item from Wait Listed to Registered:

    • Select the items you want to change.

    • Click the Unwait List button. Mark Completed button.

    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing will try to change the remove the items from the Wait List. More information: Set up registration items for events


    Select an item from the pull-down menu. (Required.)


    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing will default the attendee to the registrant.

    • If the item requires an attendee name, the quantity box will be defaulted to 1 and greyed out - it cannot be edited. If you want to register more than one attendee, add each attendee on a separate item.

    • If the item doesn't require an attendee name (say, for a group registration), the quantity box will be defaulted to 1 and editable - it can be changed. If you want to register more than one attendee, change the quantity as needed.

Click the Email button Email button to send an email confirmation to the registrant. More information: Manage emails 

To process payment by check, cash or wire transfer:

Registration for free events can be canceled at any time. If the event isn't free, only unpaid registrations can be canceled; you must first refund the registration before the registration can be canceled. To cancel a registration:

  • Click the Cancel button.

    Microsoft Dynamics Marketing:

  • Changes the status of the registration and each item to canceled.

  • Sets the quantity, unit cost and total cost of each item to zero.

To refund registration fees:

  • Select the items you want to return or give a refund for by clicking their check boxes Check box symbol.


  • Click the Credit Memo/Check Refund button to issue a credit or a refund. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing creates a credit memo for the selected items. More information: Client credit memos and refunds.

Financial and general ledger accounts are designed for marketing budget management only. Financial features are restricted to the limits stated in the Security and Financial Disclaimer. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is not designed to comply with country/region-specific laws, regulations, or common business practices.