Manage activities of event staff and speakers


Updated: November 1, 2016

Applies To: Dynamics Marketing


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing is scheduled to be retired on May 15, 2018. After that date the service will no longer be available. Please plan accordingly. For details, see the blog post Microsoft Dynamics Marketing service will be discontinued, and learn what’s coming next.

Manage and keep track of meetings and appointments for speakers and staff members by using Staffing in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing.

For more information, see Create and view activities

To work with staffing, you must have Edit/View Event privileges. More information: Work with user accounts and staff contacts

To work with staff or speakers, go to Marketing Execution > Event Management > Staffing. This brings you to the Staffing list page, which provides many of the standard controls for searching, sorting, filtering, adding, removing and viewing items in the list, plus other common features. See Learn how to work and get around in Microsoft Dynamics Marketing for details about how to use these common controls.

A contact that has an activity associated with an event is displayed on the Speakers/Staff tab of the event's dashboard. To let someone who is a contact view an event using Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, they must be a Microsoft Dynamics Marketing user and be added to the Event's Team. A contact doesn't have to be a member of the event team to be a speaker or staff member.