Use Windows PowerShell cmdlets to enable OneDrive sync for domains that are on the safe recipients list


Applies to: SharePoint Online

Topic Last Modified: 2015-05-13

Summary: Learn about the Windows PowerShell cmdlets that let you enable the OneDrive for Business sync client from only the domains present in the safe recipients list.

The following table shows the Windows PowerShell cmdlets:

  • Set the domain GUID values in the safe recipients list.

  • Get the current domain GUID values in the safe recipients list.

  • Disable the feature.

There is a known OneDrive for Business sync client issue where syncing is being blocked even if a computer is joined to a domain which is set in the Safe Recipient List. To resolve this behavior, obtain the 15.0.4719.1000 version or higher of the sync client, see May 12, 2015, update for OneDrive for Business (KB2986244)

Requires a valid Connect-SPOService context to identify the tenant. For information on how to connect to the tenant, see Connect-SPOService


Cmdlet name Description


Enables the feature for the tenancy and lets you to set the domain GUIDs in the Safe Recipients List.


Returns the current configuration status.


Disables the feature for the tenancy.