Backup and restore SharePoint 2013


Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoint Server 2013

Topic Last Modified: 2015-03-09

Summary: Learn about how to prepare to back up and restore SharePoint 2013 and complete specific operations.

The following articles on TechNet and related resources provide information that information technology (IT) professionals must have to plan, design, and deploy backup and restore solutions for SharePoint 2013.

The following articles about backup and restore solutions are available to view online. The solutions that these articles describe might be in enterprise, corporate, or branch-office environments. The IT professionals who are responsible for backup and restore solutions are expected to have an understanding of the technical details that are contained in this section. However, service-level expertise is not required to understand the enterprise-level discussions and decisions.

A backup is a copy of data that is used to restore and recover that data after a system failure. Backups enable you to restore data after a failure. Recovery enables you to quickly restore the farm if a problem arises. You can recover the complete farm or one or more components of the farm from a backup.


Content Description

Building blocks

Prepare to back up and restore farms in SharePoint 2013

Provides information to help you understand the backup and restore process in your environment.

Configure backup and restore permissions in SharePoint 2013

Contains the appropriate permissions and group memberships required for backup and restore operations.

Backup solutions in SharePoint 2013

Provides backup procedures for backup and restore solutions of your environment.

Restore (SharePoint 2013)

Provides restore procedures for backup and restore solutions of your environment.

Backup and restore best practices in SharePoint 2013

Learn how to implement best practices before you back up and restore a SharePoint 2013 farm.