Deploy PerformancePoint dashboards

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Applies to: SharePoint

Topic Last Modified: 2017-07-28

Summary: Learn how to publish a PerformancePoint Dashboard.

When you have assembled a PerformancePoint Services dashboard and are ready to view and use it, you publish it or “deploy it” to a SharePoint document library that contains PerformancePoint dashboards.

Before you start, make sure that you have at least Design permissions to the top-level SharePoint site that contains the subsite or folder where your dashboard content is stored. Otherwise, you can get an "Access denied" error message when you attempt to publish your dashboard.
To deploy (publish) a PerformancePoint dashboard
  1. Open Dashboard Designer. In the Workspace Browser pane, click PerformancePoint Content. Then, in the ribbon, click the Home tab, and then click Refresh.

  2. In the center pane of the workspace, double-click the dashboard that you want to publish. The Workspace Browser and the center pane refresh to display a list of dashboard items that you and other dashboard authors have saved to SharePoint Server.

  3. (This step is optional.) Click the Editor tab, and verify that each dashboard page contains all the items that you want to include in your dashboard. If you want, you can add or change the items that are in your dashboard. Then, in the Workspace Browser, right-click the dashboard, and then click Save.

  4. In the Workspace Browser, right-click the dashboard, and then click Deploy to SharePoint.

  5. If you are publishing the dashboard for the first time to a SharePoint site, the Deploy To box opens.

    • Select the Dashboards library that you want to use.

    • Use the Master Page list to specify a page template for your dashboard.

    • If your dashboard consists of more than one page, select the Include page list for navigation check box.

    • After you have specified the deployment settings for the dashboard, click OK.

  6. A Deploy to SharePoint Site box opens to display the status of your dashboard deployment. After your dashboard is deployed, a browser window opens to display your dashboard. There, you can view and test your dashboard items. When you are ready to share the dashboard with other users, you can copy the website address (URL) and send it in an e-mail message.