Microsoft Host Integration Server


Updated: June 14, 2016

Host Integration Server

Host Integration Server technologies and tools enable enterprise organizations to integrate existing IBM host systems, programs, messages and data with new Microsoft server applications. Host Integration Server provides comprehensive host access and integration, extending Microsoft Windows to other systems by integrating mission-critical host applications, data sources, messaging, and security systems. This enables the reuse of IBM mainframe and midrange data and applications across distributed environments.

As you may know, the core of Host Integration Server continues to provide a system built using SQL Server, .NET Framework, adapters, and more. In this aspect, we continue to use the same network integration, transaction integrator, DB2 data providers, and more. This documentation is considered the "core" documentation and applies to Host Integration Server 2016 and Host Integration Server 2013.

When something has changed, like a new feature, we'll tell you. For example, we may state something like starting with Host Integration Server 2013..., or starting with Host Integration Server 2016....

We continue to include the main documentation links for HIS 2010 and earlier versions.

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