New Office Communicator Mobile for Nokia 2.0

Communications Server 2007 R2

Topic Last Modified: 2011-01-31

Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile for Nokia 2.0 is a new enterprise messaging client built on the Nokia Symbian^3 platform. When deployed together with Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2, Office Communicator Mobile for Nokia 2.0 enables mobile phones to function as unified communications (UC) endpoints, providing instant messaging (IM), presence, and telephony to create a familiar experience for users of Microsoft Office Communicator.

Like Office Communicator users, Communicator Mobile for Nokia 2.0 users can:

  • View their Contact List, and click to call.
  • View contacts’ presence.
  • Initiate IM conversations with individuals and also add more participants to escalate conversations to IM conferences.
  • Search the company directory.
  • Access all contact information when signed out of Communicator.
  • Benefit from Single Number Reach (where a user can be reached on the mobile phone when contacted through one phone number assigned to the user), the same way they can on all other UC endpoints.
  • Receive notifications of unread voice mail count, and respond by calling voice mail (on selected models).

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