This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Language Support and Accessibility Features

As part of your planning, you should identify requirements for multiple languages in your organization, and accessibility requirements.

Multiple language requirements

Multilingual support in Windows® Internet Explorer® 9 is available through two options. Localized versions of Internet Explorer 9 provide complete language support for specific language and locale combinations. These localized versions can be obtained on the download page for Internet Explorer 9 by selecting the appropriate language version from the main download page.

For more information on multi-language support in Internet Explorer 9, see Installing Internet Explorer 9.

All versions of Internet Explorer 9 can be downloaded from the Internet Explorer 9 website at

Accessibility features

Internet Explorer 9 provides many features that benefit users who use third-party accessibility aids, such as screen readers, customizable layout, and other accessibility aids. For more information about accessibility features in Internet Explorer 9, see Accessibility in Internet Explorer 9.