Support Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012


Updated: November 1, 2013

Applies To: Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012

This section contains information to help IT professionals troubleshoot and resolve specific Windows Server 2012 system errors and events.

Top support solutions for Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012
This collection of top Microsoft Support solutions covers the most common issues experienced when using Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows Server 2012.

Windows Server 2012 General Forum
Participate in general discussions about Windows Server 2012.

Windows Server 2012 Setup Forum
Discuss with other users the setup of Windows Server 2012.

Windows Server 2012 Test Lab Guides
These test lab guides describe how to configure and demonstrate the new features and functionality in Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 in a simplified and standardized test lab environment.

Contact a Microsoft Support Professional
Have a Microsoft technical support representative help you with a problem.

Best Practices Analyzer3
In Windows management, best practices are guidelines that are considered the ideal way, under normal circumstances, to configure a server as defined by experts. Though best practice violations, even critical ones, are not necessarily problematic, they indicate server configurations that can result in poor performance, poor reliability, unexpected conflicts, increased security risks, or other potential problems.

The Windows Server 2012 Understand and Troubleshoot Guides (UTG) help IT administrators and architects develop awareness of key technical concepts, functionality, and troubleshooting techniques. This understanding enables a successful early adoption experience during the product evaluation phase. UTGs cover:

  • Technical overview.

  • Server role or feature installation, configuration, and management tasks.

  • Component architecture and interaction.

  • Methodology for troubleshooting.


The UTGs do not provide deployment planning content.

These Understand and Troubleshoot Guides were written for Windows Server “8” Beta, but also apply to Windows Server 2012. The following UTGs are available: