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Dive into Virtualization (Part 2) this summer

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Virtualisation Part 2

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Dive into Microsoft Virtualization (Part 2) this summer
If you've got some spare time this summer to immerse yourself in some new technologies, then take a look at the various fascinating sources this page has to offer you for getting the extra info you need. And if you are already an expert on Microsoft Virtualization, then you can test your knowledge at the " Microsoft Virtual Academy"

You decide how much time you'd like to spend on the topic you want. We've got all the information you need to get started on the topic of your choice!

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Microsoft Virtualization - Part 2

Today you can choose from a range of virtualization technologies: Server Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization, Private Cloud and Virtualization management. In this issue we'll be focusing on Private Cloud.



In half an hour

You haven't got much time but you still want to know that Microsoft has to offer you in the area of virtualization. The video below will tell you everything you want to know about Private Cloud.

Private Cloud - Microsoft Definition.
Microsoft Corporate Vice President Brad Anderson explains the private cloud opportunity for business and IT Pros.


In half a day

Want to find out more about our virtualization technology? We've made a selection of content that will be of interest to you:

Private Cloud Definition:

Private Cloud for the Technical Decision Maker
An in-depth introduction to assessing private cloud sourcing models and the criteria to use when choosing technology and hosting services.

Private Cloud for the IT Architect
This white paper describes the concepts and principles that define private cloud environments, their use and business benefits.

Microsoft's Private Cloud Solutions
Check out what Microsoft has to offer in the private cloud and read about customers such as Target who are using Microsoft technology.

The Context, Principles, and Concepts are articles that formulate the basis of a holistic Private Cloud approach. Each item provides a framework for the next, so they are best read in order.

Delivering Private Cloud
This Server and Cloud team-authored white paper introduces a reference architecture for right-sizing private cloud capacity, increasing server resiliency and automating operations.

Best Practices for Private Cloud Implementation
Want to develop a Microsoft Private Cloud solution further? Want to learn the best practices for implementing, managing and growing your Private cloud topology? Watch this video to boost your knowledge about the various private cloud best practices and lessons learned during industry and internal implementations of Microsoft's Private Cloud solution.

Building your own Private Cloud Infrastructure
So you are thinking of having your own private cloud, maybe for testing or building pilots, or perhaps you really want to re-design your own infrastructure. In this session we look at this. This video is all about Hyper-V, Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM), Cluster and Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). Learn how to deploy the physical servers, including recovery if/when they fail, and also how to use the same solution for deploying the VMs using MDT with SCVMM.

Creating a Private Cloud – Part 1: Setup
Microsoft IT Architect Alan Le Marquand explains how to deploy a Hyper-V based private cloud.

Creating a Private Cloud – Part 2: Configuration
With your private cloud deployed, Microsoft IT Architect Alan Le Marquand walks through the steps of initial configuration and management.


In a full day

If you’ve got even more time to spare, I would advise you to look at the information below so that you can dive even deeper into the technology.

The private cloud model provides much of the efficiency and agility of cloud computing along with the increased control and customization achieved through dedicated private resources. With the Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track program, Microsoft and its hardware partners provide organizations with both the control and flexibility required to reap the full benefits of the private cloud.

Read the Technical White Paper. (niet langer beschikbaar)

The Context, Principles, and Concepts are articles that formulate the basis of a holistic Private Cloud approach. Each item provides a framework for the next, so they are best read in order.

Best of Microsoft Management Summit 2011

Each year a couple of local experts attend the Microsoft Management summit and bring back the best content for you. In the videos below you will learn more about the upcoming System Center 2012 solutions. The System Center solutions are a key component in your private cloud infrastructure.

The event session recordings:

Download and try the different solutions

System Center Products in Release

System Center Products in Pre-release

The articles

System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012

Useful links: