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Our Recommended Key Resources from TechNet for IT Professionals

Make the most of your career opportunities with support from Microsoft. TechNet offers a broad range of resources that can not only help you make a real impact on your company’s success, but can also enhance your position within the company by becoming a truly credible expert on the software that keeps it running.

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Arlindo Alves

Arlindo Alves

Audience Marketing Manager

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Key Resources for IT Professionals

  • Explore

    The Newest Technology

    • TechNet Evaluation Center
      Download evaluation software and get access to Microsoft expert resources, forums, and blogs.

    • TechNet Subscriptions
      Get product keys and support service when evaluating, testing, and troubleshooting.

      Cloud Computing
      Compare cloud implementation scenarios with your requirements.

      Find community resources to help implement deployment scenarios.

  • Solve

    Problems with Technical Insight

    • Technical Forums
      Your IT Pro peers are talking and helping each other solve key technical issues.

    • TechNet Flash Newsletter
      Get news on the latest technical resources sent to your inbox.

    • TechNet Libraries
      Receive all the latest news about technical resources in your Inbox.

    • TechNet Licensing
      The past months we have given several live meetings specifically aimed at licensing. We have recorded these sessions. You can watch them, together with other interesting links, at the TechNet Licensing section.

  • Advance

    Your Career to the Next Level

    • Microsoft Learning Career Portal
      Improve your technical skills with online training, how-to videos, and more.

    • TechNet Edge
      Get tips, trick-out your tech, and hear inside information on Microsoft products and solutions in our behind-the-scenes reports.

    • Local bloggers
      We have a number of Belgian IT Pro's who have their own blog on the trycatch platform. Discover and read these blogs. You can even request your own blog there, for free.

  • Engage

    With Your Local IT Community

    • TechNet Blogs
      Keep abreast of the latest technical information direct from Microsoft teams worldwide.

    • User Group Support Services
      Find a user group of other IT pros in your area or with a similar technical focus.

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