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Microsoft Operations Framework

Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0 provides relevant, practical, and actionable guidance for today's IT pros. The free, downloadable framework encompasses the entire IT service management lifecycle, providing organizations with the knowledge to seamlessly blend business and IT goals while establishing and implementing reliable, cost-effective IT services.

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MOF Extended Guidance
These extensions to MOF function as practical additions to the lifecycle guidance outlined in the framework. They’re intended to help align IT and business goals, enabling organizations to perform IT-related activities effectively and cost-efficiently. Learn more.

MOF Technology Library
This series of reliability workbooks provides the knowledge, specific tasks, and schedules needed to keep Microsoft technologies running smoothly so IT can deliver the services an organization expects. Learn more.

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Microsoft Operations Framework

NEW! Service Management for the Private Cloud
This white paper from our sister team, MOF, will help you take advantage of service management principles to maximize the benefits of the private cloud. Apply service management to get several benefits out of the private cloud, such as elasticity, scalability, automation, and reduced time to market.
Get to work with the updated MOF Quick Start Kit
Updated with new materials and references to the latest MOF supplemental materials—this kit will help IT pros get up and running with MOF 4.0. Get MOF. Get to work.
Download new MOF guidance for organizational improvement
New MOF guides and action plans will help your organization improve service management and implement standard changes.

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Microsoft Operations Framework

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