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Deploy Windows using MDT 2012 in the real world

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Deploying Windows operating systems would be so much easier if all machines were connected to your networks all the time. Even easier if all servers and workstations were in the same physical locations, right? But that's not the world we live in. So, your deployment solution needs to work for machines that are well connected on your networks, not so well connected or not connected at all. In this session MVP Rhonda Layfield shares her notes from the field on how to properly set up and manage a Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2012 environment. Yes that's right, 2012. Check out what is new and how to set it up to get the most out of your deployment solution. Rhonda has worked with organizations all over the world and seen dozens of deployment solutions that needed little tweaks here and there which made vast improvements in their overall deployment of Windows images.

Speaker: Rhonda Layfield


Published Date: februari 16, 2012
Author: Cleonice Ferreira



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