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Windows 8.1: A closer look | TechNet Video Discover what’s new in Windows 8.1 regarding interface, settings, deployment, security, … How will Windows 8.1 fit in your enterprise? How do you upgrade? All the answers are in this session! More...

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Windows 8 Hyper-V: Availability Having a scalable virtualization platform implies that you are going to put more emphasis on packing more and more workloads onto your hardware resources. As Windows 8 changes the playing field we would also like to give you some insight into how Hyper-V will protect your investment. This talk inclu... More...

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Windows 8 Hyper-V: Scalability The development team for Windows 8 has been hard at work designing and improving Hyper-V for next release. This session is a first time opportunity to see some of the enhancements and changes that are planned for the next release of Hyper-V. It will cover the technological advancements we have made ... More...

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