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Direct Access for dummies Direct Access is THE best way to access the corporate network from virtually any location in the world. You didn’t dare to install and configure Direct Access in your environment yet? This session covers all the steps needed to be taken, presented in an easy to understand way, step by step. Also rec... More...

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PKI for dummies: Digital Certificates made easy The way to authenticate outside the safe boundaries of your CorpNet is PKI. Also digital signatures and encryption use PKI. Many IT-Professionals are struggling with questions about the design, implementation and configuration of a descent PKI Infrastructure. Understanding PKI is critical when worki... More...

TechNet Edge, Zune, iPod, TechDays 2012, Netherlands, Nederland, NL-NL, PKI, Digital Certificates, Alex de Jong, CorpNet, Exchange, Videos, Lync, System Center, Direct Access, Certification Authority

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