Sort Columns

The Sort Columns dialog box lets you sort grids in Replication Monitor based on one or more columns. (You can also sort on a single column by clicking the column header in the Replication Monitor grid). For example, to sort subscriptions on the All Subscriptions tab based on status and then connection type, follow these steps:

  1. In the first row of the grid, select Status from the Column Name column and a value from the Sort Order column

  2. In the second row of the grid, select Connection Type from the Column Name column, and a value from the Sort Order column.

Column Name

The name of the column on which you want to sort. You can sort on one or more columns. You cannot sort on the Current Average Performance or Current Worst Performance columns on the Publications tab, because of the way in which these column values are calculated.

Sort Order

Specify a value of Ascending or Descending.

Clear All

Remove all rows from the sorting grid. To remove a single row, select the row and press the Delete key.

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