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About Exchange documentation

[Este tópico é uma documentação de pré-lançamento e está sujeito a alterações em versões futuras. Tópicos em branco são incluídos como espaços reservados. Se você tem comentários, adoraríamos saber! Envie-nos um email para ExchangeHelpFeedback@microsoft.com.]  

Applies to: Exchange Server 2016

You’re reading a collection of conceptual and procedural topics organized by subject or by technologies used by Microsoft Exchange. You can access each topic directly from the table of contents in the left pane, from a link in another Help topic, from the results of a search, or from your own custom list of favorite topics.

Other information related to Exchange documentation is in Third-party copyright notices.

The Exchange Server for IT pros TechCenter is your primary gateway to in-depth technical information about Microsoft Exchange. Through the TechCenter, which is located on the Microsoft TechNet site, you can access the Exchange Library and the Exchange Team Blog.

If you’re an admin for an Exchange hybrid or Exchange Online deployment, you may also be interested in the Office 365 for IT pros TechCenter.

The Exchange Library contains the most up-to-date Help documentation. This documentation is reviewed and approved by the Exchange product team and evolves as new information, issues, and troubleshooting tips becomes available.

The Exchange Team Blog contains technical articles written by the Exchange Team, as well as product announcements and updates. The blog is an excellent way to interact with the Exchange Team. We read and respond to your feedback and comments.

Looking for more than just documentation? Check out these other Exchange resources:

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