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Addiag.exe: Application Deployment Diagnosis

This command-line tool provides information on the current state of software either installed or available for installation on a computer managed by IntelliMirror Software Installation and Maintenance.

AdDiag provides the following information about software on a computer:

  • The current user, including logon credentials and security identifier (SID), and the platform (processor, locale) that could affect the managed software.
  • Whether or not Terminal Server is running on the computer.
  • Installed or advertised information about software, derived from the registry.
  • Advertised information about available software stored in Active Directory.
  • Windows Installer information.

Corresponding UI

There is no corresponding user interface for this tool.


IntelliMirror is a set of features that enable desktop change and configuration management technology. These features include: user data management, software installation and maintenance, user settings management, and remote installation services. For more information, see IntelliMirror.

System Requirements

The following are the system requirements for AdDiag:

  • Windows XP Professional or Windows Server 2003

Files Required

  • Addiag.exe

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