Dmdiag Overview

Dmdiag.exe: Disk Manager Diagnostics

This command-line tool displays system state and configuration information describing disk storage.

DmDiag displays the following information for the computer on which it is run:

  • Computer name and operating system version
  • Physical disk to disk type
  • Mount points
  • LDM file versions
  • Drive letter usage, GetLogicalDrives(), GetDriveType()
  • \Device
  • Symbolic links
  • ldmsize
  • Kernel list
  • Disk partition information

Corresponding UI

There is no corresponding user interface for this tool.


For more information, see Visão geral sobre o gerenciador de disco.

System Requirements

The following are the system requirements for DmDiag:

  • Windows Server 2003 or Windows XP Professional

File Required

  • Dmdiag.exe

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