Ftonline Overview

Ftonline.exe: Fault Tolerant Disk Mounter

This command-line tool enables an administrator to mount and recover files from a fault tolerant disk created in a previous version of Windows. This tool is useful if you failed to upgrade your disks to dynamic disks, or failed to back the up your data before installing Windows Server 2003.


  • You must run FTOnline from the command window.
  • FTOnline only mounts the disks as read-only to allow recovery of data. You can then back up your data, recreate the fault tolerant volumes, and restore your data.
  • Disks mounted with FTOnline are not persistent. The disks will not be remounted when the computer is restarted.

Corresponding UI

There is no corresponding user interface for this tool.


Fault tolerant volumes on basic disks are no longer supported in Windows Server 2003.

Fault tolerant volumes are disks that use some type of RAID configuration to increase either performance or reliability. Windows Server 2003 supports disk striping (RAID-0), disk mirroring (RAID-1), and disk striping with parity (RAID-5).

A basic disk is a physical disk with primary and extended partitions. These disks are accessible from earlier versions of Windows.

System Requirements

The following are the system requirements for FTOnline:

  • Windows Server 2003

File Required

  • Ftonline.exe

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